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What is A'Design Award and Competition?       

It is the world's largest design competition that rewards the best designs, concepts, products and services. The A' Design Awards are organized across a wide range of creative fields to highlight the best designers from all countries in all disciplines. Nominated projects are critiqued and judged anonymously by a jury of experienced academics, distinguished members of the press, and renowned professionals. The A' Design Award & Competition promises fame, prestige, publicity and international recognition to all the winners of the A'Design awards given in this important competition.


A' Design Award & Competition has been created to promote and recognize the best design works in all countries and in all creative disciplines. The main objective of the competition is to generate global awareness for a better understanding of good design practices and principles, highlighting the best designs in all countries and in all industrial sectors. The ultimate goal of the A'Design Awards is to encourage designers, companies and brands from around the world to create quality products and projects that benefit society.


A' Design Award is not just an award, it is the INDICATOR OF QUALITY AND PERFECTION IN DESIGN, the award is recognized worldwide and has the attention of design-oriented companies, professionals and interest groups. Winning the A' Design Award is a certificate of excellence for designers, a proof of quality for companies.


What was the inspiration for the “Bbq Area Private House” project?            

The inspiration was the wonderful environment, creating simple lines and different textures, hand in hand with the client's need to create an open space with the condition of an outdoor kitchen integrated into the landscape.

Gather the family around a recreation space that integrates a living room, barbecue area, dining room and swimming pool, with the characteristic landscape of the south of the world and the city at the foot of the Andes mountain range.


Challenges of the winning project

The main challenge in this project was to face a design in a mountainous terrain, where there are different types of natural material, such as clay soil, rock, fill material, etc., with slopes and ravines. The creative challenge was to take the different levels and transform it into a semi-flat terrain, using the natural conditions of the terrain, without the intervention of remarkable retaining walls. The main obstacle was to destroy the large rocks existing in the place and take advantage of some of them in the containment of spaces.

The constructive challenge consisted in choosing the appropriate material to guarantee the durability of the space in a mountain environment, preserving the elegance and avant-garde that the design required, for this and obeying to resist the dry environment in summer and humid in winter, it was use iron structures and different types of concrete, covered with porcelain tiles, earth-colored veneers and Oregon Pine lattices, the glass was worked in such a way as to give the necessary transparency to unite the patio with the house, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the different seasons.

The lighting was integrated into the same architecture so that it was a different project during the day and at night.


What does this award mean for ARQUI-K?

this recognition,  complemented with the one obtained the previous year, validates the specialties that ARQUI-K has been developing all these years and makes us very proud to once again take Chile to the winners' podium, this time in a complex category, where the competition with the others designers is pretty tough.  The award ceremony will be in Italy in June 2018 and after this, the winning projects are exhibited on a 6-month tour of Europe, China and India, being in the objective sights of a market that increasingly gives more importance to design excellence.


Ganador A'design Award 2018
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